Join us as we read together, learn together, and chat together. And to get the exclusive extended Summer Reading Guide!

Join us for a summer full of bookish events!

I’ve vetted hundreds of books for this year’s Summer Reading Guide and then picked three we’re going to talk about in Book Club. Plus we’ll be chatting with the authors live.

We’ll also have classes, fun live events, and member meet ups. Spend your summer with us reading, discussing, learning, and soaking up the readerly delight.

"You made me feel so excited about books and authors and so connected. This has been an absolute delight."


Can you relate?

  • I don’t have many like-minded, passionate readers in my real life.
  • I never see authors on book tour because they don’t come to my area.
  • My book club is more social hour than readerly communion.

What you will find:

  • COMMUNITY – like minded readers eager to read and talk books with you
  • CONVERSATIONS – in depth discussion all month in the forums plus a live book club discussion with Anne and that month’s author
  • CLASSES – enjoy fun, fast-paced instruction on topics that will help you get more out of your reading life

"I loved the intimate chat feeling with the authors."

Upcoming Book Club Events

How to Get More
Out of Book Club
May 19th

Live Book Discussion
With Author Julie Berry
May 26th

Ask Anne Anything
June 11th

A Zillion Ways to Get
Your Books This Summer
June 16th

Live Book Discussion
With Author William Kent Krueger
June 25th

Best Books We’ve
Read This Summer
July TBD

Summer Reading
Guide Unboxing
May 12th

With more to come all summer long...

"High quality, accessible literary content presented in a friendly and enthusiastic way."



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$120 / YEAR


I hope you’ll love the community and conversations you have here in the book club, not to mention all of the classes and events. I understand you wanting to try it to see what it’s like.

We do not offer a trial period, but the replays of Stay at Home Book Tour are similar to the author events we do here in book club. If you’re still not sure, I recommend the monthly option, you can cancel anytime in the month and not be charged again.

If you decide you love it and want to change to an annual membership to get the 2 month discount you can do that at any time.

Nothing! Both get access to all of the live events, our full back catalog of event replays, and as much book talk as you can handle.

Those that choose to pay for a year up front do get a 2 month discount.

Both groups abound in bookish enthusiasm and community. Our What Should I Read Next patreon community is podcast-centered: we share peeks behind the scenes, bonus episodes, and outtakes and commentary about the show. We also invite our members to influence future episodes with their suggestions and poll and survey responses.

Book club is the place where we are learning to read better, together. We host community, classes, and conversation here, as well as purposefully seek to build the skills of the reading life, whether that means learning to choose good books for our own enjoyment, exploring different methods of book journaling, learning to write better reviews or request Advanced Review Copies from publishers, or make reading resolutions for the New Year.

You can participate however you like. We have live events, but also online forums for 24/7 discussion. You can read the monthly book or not. There are classes that you can come to live, but you can also watch replays of any of our past classes.

There’s a lot going on, but how you choose to participate is entirely up to you.

Typically your local book club hosted at a friend’s house or your local bookstore chooses one book to read each month and then meets in person to discuss it.

We do that (though not in person). But that’s not ALL we do! There is a monthly book selection, but in addition to the author chat we also have ongoing discussion about that month’s book or anything books and reading all throughout the month. We also regularly host classes, member meetups, and fun events like the Summer Reading Guide Unboxing.

We’re all about learning to read better, together. So on a regular basis we have classes where we tackle one aspect of the reading life.

In the past, we’ve done classes like 1 Hour to a better bookstagram, Why and how to write in your books, and 7 Ways to get more out of your reading life. These classes are all recorded and available for you to watch as soon as you join.

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