Community Agreement

We get more out of our (reading) lives by connecting with each other thoughtfully, and this community exists so we can talk books with our fellow readers. This agreement helps us do exactly that. By participating in the Modern Mrs. Darcy and What Should I Read Next communities, you commit to the following: 

  1. Share from your personal experience. Talk about your own thoughts, emotions, and life experiences, and respect that others are doing the same. This helps us avoid offering unsolicited advice or making assumptions about others. 
  2. Participate as a lifelong learner. When we bring curiosity and openness to discussions, we ask better questions and listen more deeply. 
  3. Ensure that everyone belongs. This is especially important when participating in group discussions. If you tend to be more talkative, consider how showing restraint might invite others into the conversation. If you tend to be more quiet, know that your voice is valued and needed. 
  4. Be respectful of differing opinions; we are here to learn from each other and hear new ideas. 
  5. Uphold time commitments. Be prompt for gatherings; be conscious of the clock during discussions; end at the agreed-on time. (We record almost everything; if you miss something, the replay is available for you anytime.)
  6. Promote the dignity of other community members. You are welcome to challenge other viewpoints, but do so for the purpose of greater connection and deeper understanding. 
  7. Show kindness to your fellow community members, to our authors and other guests, and to the Modern Mrs. Darcy team.
  8. Comments made in these spaces that do not align with this agreement may be removed by our team at any time, as may members who do not abide by this agreement. 
  9. If you have a customer service issue or other support question, please email [email protected]. Our team may remove comments with support questions at our discretion, because these comments dilute the purpose of our community spaces—talking all things books and reading with people who love them as much as you do.