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  • Bookworm problem(s)…simultaneously checking out way too many books from the library so that I don’t get to the reading of my equally high stack of wonderful purchased books and kindle. I ADORE going to the library and the process of walking through the shelves and hunting for all my TBR titles and holding/reading all these library books. How can I just stop and/or limit myself so I’m “forced/encouraged” to read my purchased books and…

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  • I’m typically a conventional, print book reader, but I’m trying to read more ebooks and listen to audiobooks as well. I currently have my immediate TBR (5 or so books I want to read next) on my nightstand, and that’s where I always go to grab my next read. If a book isn’t physically in that pile, it’s out of sight, out of mind. I use the library a lot, so most of the books on my nightstand come with a due date. However, I’ve started to…

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  • Jude posted an update a day ago

    a day ago (edited)

    I’m currently reading The Emergency by Thomas Fisher – anyone else read it? It’s non-fiction, an account of a Chicago hospital before/during covid that addresses health inequities based in racism

    Edited to add – OR any other books on healthcare? I’ve also read:

    Cost of Living (essays) – Emily Maloney

    First, Do No Harm – Lisa Belkin

    *No Apparent Distress – Rachel Pearson

    *When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi

    * = I recommend

  • I just finished, THE WIDOWS OF MALABAR HILL by Sujata Massey. I am excited because it was very good and is the first book in a series with three so far. The protagonist is Perveen Mistry, the first lady lawyer in India and she is trying to assist 3 widows, 1 dead husband and several children to all get their fair share in the will. You learn a lot about how women were viewed in the 1920s and about the culture/ religions role in the…

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