New Indie Bookstore in Tulsa’s Brady District

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      Any fellow Oklahomans here? I’m located near Tulsa and am so excited that we’ve FINALLY got an indie bookstore, Magic City Books. Has anyone been yet? One of my favorite things about independent bookstores is their dedication to community and to a diversity of interests. This one is located in the Brady District, an area known for its rich history. It’s home to a number of popular, off-beat entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, independent shops and the Guthrie Green. It’s the perfect location for Magic City Books, which has a fascinating origin story of its own. It was created by the non-profit corporation Tulsa Literary Coalition in an effort to bring Tulsans together by building a culture around books and reading. How cool is that?!
      If anyone is interested in a meet-up, this would be a wonderful place for it!

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      The concept behind Magic City Books is so interesting. I am making my first trip to Oklahoma in June and will add this to my list of places to visit. Any recommendations for indie bookstores in Oklahoma City?

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      For Oklahoma City indie bookstores, I would recommend Commonplace Books and Full Circle. Both of these are fantastic!!

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      I work right across the street from it, but have yet to go! So wrong…. I know!

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      Anyone here still interested in a Tulsa meetup at Magic City Books? I’ve been lucky enough to visit once and I’d love to go again!

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        I had to revive this because I am thrilled to be coming to Magic City Books for Independent Bookstore Day! April 26-27. I don’t have all the details yet but I do know there’s a sleepover IN THE BOOKSTORE Friday 4/26 and I’ll be a guest for a little while, perhaps to read a bedtime story? Then I’ll have a daytime event on Saturday.

        I can’t wait to finally see this store and put my feet in the state of Oklahoma for the first time!

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      I am from Bartlesville, and yes I have been to Magic City Books. I have also been to several author talks that they have had. In fact I think that i was at

      the first one they sponsored (David Grann’s Killers of the Flower Moon). I have stopped by the store a couple of times but have not had the chance to really spend

      much time…my husband has been with me and unfortunately he is not a reader but will listen to audio books.

      I would love to connect with those around the Tulsa area.

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