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      Hi, I am Laetitia.

      I am a South African by birth who immigrated to New Zealand 10 years ago. I read in both Afrikaans and English. However, I tend to read more English lately.

      Love that there is an International group!

      I have also recently introduced a dear friend from South Africa, Erika (@erikalouw) , who will also fall within our International group.

      Are there any other members out there?


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      Hi Laetitia (and Erika) – it’s nice to “meet” you. Our international sub-group covers a lot of ground! I’m excited to hear from readers in so many far flung destinations! I’ve never been to NZ (the closest I’ve come is trying Lolly cake in my local Kiwi coffee shop when I lived in London – I’d like to make it myself but can’t find suitably “authentic” ingredients over here…). I was lucky enough to visit beautiful Cape Town a few years ago – all I can say is WOW! 🙂

      I’ve recently moved back to the North West of England, near Manchester, where I grew up. Before that, I moved around a lot from Cambridge to Yorkshire to London (though I eventually stayed there for almost 10 years – which was great but exhausting/expensive!). I spent a bit of time studying and working in continental Europe too and studied Spanish and French at university. In theory, I’d like to (attempt to) read more in those languages as I don’t get to practise very often and my skills are VERY rusty. In practice, it’s too much like hard work!

      Look forward to chatting more! I’d love to know if you have any favourite South African or New Zealander authors you’d recommend.

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      Hi there. I’m Georgia. I’m from South East England, but have been living in Morocco for most of the past decade. I do travel back to England a couple of times a year though. I’m quite new here and have mostly lurked so trying to actually comment now!

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      Georgia – I’m the same! 🙂 Commenting can be a bit like a first date – a bit nervous! I’m from Canberra, Australia. I’m loving all the book recommendations, but sometimes they’re a bit hard to get my hands on. Unlike you clever ladies above, I only read in English although I’m sure my father-in-law would love to try and teach me Italian. I just want to read more, and as much as I can.

      Looking forward to chatting more,


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        Hi Georgia! Nice to find another book club member living in the Arabic speaking world! I have been in Palestine/Israel for about 9 years.

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      Hello Everybody,
      I’m a Korean and live in Seoul, Korea. I’m middle aged, single and working for a US semiconductor company over 23 years. I know it’ll be hard for you to call my name (as my colleagues do), please call me HJ. English is not my native language, so if you see my posts, you’ll notice that I’m not that good at English (Well, I call mine as survival English 😉 ) – so I’m a little bit timid to participate. But since I joined this group, I guess I can read at least one English book once a month and I really love of reading all the comments and recommendation. I appreciate this book club because it expanded my life a lot. I learned a lot from this book club members and I’m still learning. Hope there are more International members. Nice to meet all of you!

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      Hi there!
      I am American (from Washington state and California) but have lived in Jericho Palestine for 9 years where I met my hubby and we now have four little ones underfoot which makes reading life very interesting…and lovely! I’m excited about these regional groups and hope to participate in great bookish convos!!! Looking forward to hearing from y’all!

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      I’m an American living in China (for almost 15 years.) @stevielynn I also have four children. You’re right that it makes reading interesting and lovely.

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      Hey everyone I’m Mardy, I’m a Malaysian living in Sydney, Australia. Lived her for 7 years now, married to a Lebanese Australian who doesn’t read and is probably sick of me babbling about my books all the time lol.

      I’m only starting to get into Australian authors. I’ve read the classics like Bryce Courtenay (The Power of One), A Town Like Alice (which I love so much because I lived in UK when I was little while my mother got her PHd in Zoology, then returned to Malaysia and spent the bulk of my life there before going to Sydney to get married, just like the female protagonist), Kate Morton (don’t like her style) and Liane Moriarty (her latest is so funny and so Sydney). I would like to read more Australian books occasionally.

      I’m so happy to find this group!

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      Hello! I’m Sarah. From LA but bet an Irishman so now living in Northern Ireland in County Armagh (I’m kind of near Belfast). Love there is an internationals group

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      Hi, all! I’m Wendy, an American living in London. I’ve been a member of the MMD book club for almost two years, but I’m not a good participant. Each month I promise myself that will change, haha! Nice to meet each of you!

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      Wow this group is so diverse! I’m Anna. I was born and raised in Russia but have been living in Finland for the past 12 years. I’m new to the book club, trying to find my footing without getting too overwhelmed 😀

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      Hi, all! It’s so great to meet the rest of the international gang here! I’m an American living in Bangalore India for four years now. I grew up in LA and mostly lived in California as an adult. I met my now husband whilst on holiday in India and 11 years later here we are! Bangalore is an amazing city to be a bookworm in as there are tons of used bookstores with mountains of English books to pick from! I only read the native languages in translation sadly, but I’ve enjoyed those immensely. It’s great to read books from wherever you are in the world!

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      Hi, everyone, I’m an American (Texan!) currently living in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I love that there is an International contingent here! 🙂

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      Hi everyone, I’m El, born and raised in France but living in Australia. I’ve just joined this book club and I’m really enjoying the classes and how they are changing the way I go about my reading life! I look forward to lots of bookish discussions with fellow readers from all over the world 🙂

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      Hi, I’m Anne, I’m french. It’s not easy for me to post because english isn’t my mother tongue as everyone can guess if you read my posts🙂. Nonetheless I read both in french and english (reading is easier).Following MMsD recommendations makes my TBR explode and it’s so much fun like that. I’m usually reading sci-fi, some classics and anglo-saxon litterature. Since MMsD I explore new anglo-saxon contemporary authors, it’s really interesting. I’d like to be able to comment my readings as beautifully as others do on the forum, even in french I’m not sure I can do that (lack of practice perhaps?)
      I wish everyone beautiful readings times

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      Hi book friends! My name is Ciara and I just joined MMD this week! I’m American, living in Seoul, Korea for two years. It’s been hard making new friends this past year with most social activities on hiatus, so I’m looking forward to virtual book club here!

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      Hi everyone, nice to meet you virtually! I am an American living in Atlanta, Georgia (US), but in a normal year (not a pandemic year) I spend about 60% of my time working in other countries, mostly in Africa. I’ve only recently joined MMD Book Club and hope I’ll be able to use this amazing platform when I need a book recommendation related to my travels. Hope everyone is safe and healthy, and that your reading lives continue to be fulfilled.

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      Hi everyone!
      I’m Patricia, I’m originally American but have been living in London for almost 30 years – I’m now a dual citizen. I’ve been longing to join a book group for ages but, with a busy homeschooled family, have found it difficult to manage meetings IRL. Modern Mrs. Darcy is the ingenious and perfect solution! I’m so delighted to have found this group and am hugely enjoying going Back to Book School 😁. Best wishes to you all and happy reading!

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