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      I am so excited for these regional group and to connect with more reading Canadians! I live on PEI and am stay at home mom to three kids and a dairy farmer’s wife. I bookstagram @deniseoftheisland.

      Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you!

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      Hi Denise, I go by Lilith online. I’m in the suburbs of Vancouver, with a gig job that has me in the office a bit and working at home a lot, and I have a husband, a 12 year son and a somewhat neurotic rescue dog. I bookstagram @chainreading. I’m excited about the regional groups too but I also note that I am further away from you in km than I am from almost anywhere in the states! I still feel like sometimes we might have unique things in common though.


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        You are right Lilith. Canada is a very large region, but I am excited to connect with other people in Canada.

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      Hello Ladies, Keri here! We have met online before Denise (thanks for all of your PEI help – we will be in Cavendish Aug. 2 to participate in all things Anne if you are in the area!!). I split the 2 of you and live outside London, Ontario. I bookstagram as @adorkablereader. I have 2 daughters 10 and 13, and am currently off work for a WRMSD (hand injuring from 20 years of scanning as an ultrasound tech), so in the middle of a career change but embracing all things SAHM. My hubby is an engineer, and is my rock. And my pup Benny is basically my therapy dog. See you in the forums and sharing everything we love about books on Insta!!

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      Hello ladies, I know we have tried to get together before so let’s see if this can happen. I’m in Toronto and I have flexible mobility on weekends. I am willing to travel as far west as Niagara. Any weekend works for me.

      I will be out west all of July and back in August. Keri F, I’m from Vancouver, grew up there and I’m returning there in July. I’ll be in the city on and of all of July, travelling south of the border and returning to Vancouver. Maybe we can hook up?

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      Hey guys!
      Peterborough, Ontario here. Too bad Canada is so huge! I would love to hang out with some fellow book clabbers!

      I’m a part-time SAHM, and work at Tim’s the other part (I’m as Canadian as they come, haha!). My real day job is as an EA, but I’ve been at home with my two littles for the last two years. I’m hoping to go back in the fall.

      I would love to do an Ontario meet-up, if it’s at all feasible! I have family in the GTA, so I’m willing and able to travel if necessary. It would be a lot of fun!

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      Hi all!

      I made my way here after the book chat tonight. I’ve really wanted to dive more into the forums, but it’s just so dense I get overwhelmed because I can’t keep up.

      I live in Milton, Ontario. I work FT as a mental health nurse, no kiddos – two dogs, and a cat! I grew up on Vancouver Island (but sadly don’t get back there often) and also lived in Calgary, Alberta (where I do get back every second year or so). I spend a lot of my free time reading and would gladly partake in any opportunities to meet up with other MMD readers across Canada.

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      Hi everyone! So nice to meet you all. @miss-sparks I feel like I recently read a book that had a character from Vancouver Island…was it Station Eleven?! I also feel like Milton is relatively close to where I am in Oakville. I just moved to Canada from the States a year ago. I agree that it can be hard to keep up with the forums and I like the idea of a smaller group. But what else could we talk about in a smaller forum since some of us are so spread out? Should we have our own discussion too? I would love to try and do a meet up!

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        Sarah, I am from the States too! But I have been living on PEI for almost 8 years, and since we farm, I am pretty sure I will be here for the rest of my life. 🙂

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          I long to be settled. But I “think” this is temporary for us. When we told our kids we were moving to Canada, they were all “Avonlea?!” because we were binge watching the Avonlea series. What’s it like living on THE island? I hope I’ll manage a visit some day!

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            The Island is great. Small town, rural feel, but we have so many things that big cities have (great restaurants, nice arts and culture scene, etc.). Summers are great with warm weather that isn’t too hot or humid. Winters tend to drag on. The Island really owns its identity as the home of Anne and claiming LM Montgomery as our own. It is a great place to visit and to live.

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            Hello Denise! So…..did I tell you – I will be at Green Gables with my family on August 2nd, it is a Thursday. And then we are going to hit the Ceilidh at Stanley Bridge Hall that night!!! I am so excited – and it is a complete surprise for my daughters (10 and 13) – they have no idea! We are taking them on a “Mystery Roadtrip” Out East this summer. They know we are starting in a cabin on the 1000 islands (St. Lawrence River near Ivy Lea) and that we will be gone for 2 weeks, we will be giving them a package with clues for our next destination once we have finished our stay at the current destination- 8 destinations in all. So exciting….so many audiobooks!!!!

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            That sounds so fun Keri! How fun to keep it a mystery like that. It will be a vacation to remember!

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            This sounds really amazing…and I hope you will share more of the details (like your itinerary) Only kidding. Well, sort of. PEI is on my list and so is St Lawrence River because of Quebec City…which it is near, right? All my geography of that area is based out of Louise Penny’s books and is a big reason I would like to go someday. So basically your trip sounds like it combines two places on my list!

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      Hi fellow Canadians! I’m Erin and I live in London, Ontario. I’ve always loved reading and since I haven’t found an in-person book club, I’m loving all of the discussion and group reading in this online group.

      I have a question regarding the monthly book club picks… since we just finished up the book for May, when do you usually get started on the book for the next month? I can’t wait to start The Great Alone, but I tend to read at least a few books a week and I also want it to be fresh in my mind for the month’s book chat!

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        Erin!! A fellow Londoner….well, we must get together then – that should be pretty easy. As for your question, for me it depends on the size of the book and how busy I am. For the May book club choice, I picked it up on the long weekend before the book discussion as I knew it was short and sweet and an easy read, perfect for a short vacay read and would be fresh on my mind. I usually have several books on the go, because I am and mood reader, so I usually start the book at the beginning of the month because I’m constantly flip-flopping between different books (I know, call me crazy). I just cracked the spine on The Great Alone yesterday (I’m also reading Anne of the Island with my girls, The Emperor of Any Place, and The Girl You Left Behind, plus An American Marriage just downloaded on my overdrive). Unfortunately,being a mood reader sometimes leaves me with DNFs because, well, I just wasn’t in the mood for that book ha ha.- but I will always finish a book club book! I always hit the online forums a few days before the book chat so that my memory is as refreshed as possible if I happen to have finished the book well ahead of time.

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        Hi Erin! I read my book club books as I can get them in at the library, but so far I have found I like to read them earlier in the month, if possible. I am more likely to participate in discussion forums if I start early. If the discussion gets to long, I feel like I have less to contribute, or that my thoughts have already been said by others.

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          I agree Denise…that is exactly one of the problems with getting in on the discussion late for me. That’s why I wonder if having a smaller group would be fun for discussion – it could be an experiment here if you guys want to try – I’m up for it and would be happy to read pretty much whatever appeals to the group.

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      Great question Erin – I have pondered this myself and tried a few different approaches during the time I’ve been with the book club. I think I used to be sort of last minute about reading the month’s pick (I tend to be a procrastinator) but in recent months, I’ve been trying to read ahead so that I’m ready to jump into the discussion right away. There are definitely no right answers and much is personal preference. I have not found a real life book club either…I even tried signing up for a library one when I first moved here last year but never went. Just had no interest in the books. I’m glad you are here! Welcome!

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        Sarah!! Can I just say, that you are my absolute favourite person in the Forums! Not that I don’t love everyone, I do, but I just love reading your comments. I really must remind myself to get onto these forums sooner and become more of an active participant, you are an inspiration for that… I need to make the time! You say you go on before you’re finish reading, are you not afraid of spoilers? Hey, maybe we should try to read along or something in our “Canada Chapter”.

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          Keri! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!

          You know, I guess I’m not too worried about spoilers in some cases. I can say that there have been moments in my life (when the last Harry Potter was being released) that I worried about spoilers. But I’ve come across a few books recently, where I haven’t enjoyed them without understanding some things that have been spoilers. That being said, the forums don’t always have spoilers…sometimes people warn but it is an interesting question in terms of making discussion without spoilers. You could always start your own thread of discussion and label it “No Spoilers” or something. Right now I’m reading An American Marriage and have wanted to talk about a lot of it as I’m reading. I think I should probably start trying to take notes…see how that goes. But for me, especially recently, there is something about being in the moment of the book…and wanting to share something right away. That is some of what I love about being in the group.

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      Hi everyone! I’m Julia and am originally from Ontario (a small town an hour from London) but moved to southern SK 22 years ago and have been here ever since. I live on a grain farm with my husband and 2 of my 3 kids. My oldest is currently going to school in New Zealand.

      I doubt that I will ever meet up with any of you irl but it is nice just to make these connections online.

      Just to make a book connection with all of the talk about Anne, I recently read the YA fictional account of L.M.Montgomery’s teen years, entitled Maud. I really liked it!

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      Hi everyone!

      I’m Jody and I’m from Vancouver! True story about me: the other night I was sleep-talking (which I rarely do). On this occasion I was making a list “yarn… chocolate… books…”

      I think this just about sums me up, it doesn’t take much to keep me happy ?

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        I love that Jody!!

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      Ok Ontario Bookstagrammers….I’m thinking of making a day trip to Toronto On Friday Nov. 23 to check out Curiosa and a few bookshops/coffeeshops in the Queen West area. Is anyone available for a meet up — I know it is a weekday.

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      Hi all! I just joined MMD for the same reason many of you described – my local library book club picks just weren’t for me. I live in Calgary now, but am from sort of all over southern and eastern Ontario. My husband is in the energy industry so…Calgary it is. I’ve been a SAHM now for six! years. My son is 10 and daughter is 5. We were on an expatriate assignment and I had an awesome book club in Scotland for almost 5 years that I really missed…but I think this is a great start back.

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      Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I’m new to MMD but I have known about it for a long time. I really wanted to attend Book School so I signed up, although I just might be hooked! I live in London, Ontario with my boyfriend of 2.5 years Aric and I work as a public librarian. I love books (shocker!) haha and reading is certainly my most favourite past time. I’m looking forward to connecting with readers from around the world, but also right here in Canada (and even a few near and in my city! – Hi Erin and Keri!

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        Welcome Katie! Glad you are here. This a great community to be a part of and I think it is so fun to connect with other Canadian readers!

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        Welcome Katie!!! Thanks for reaching out on Instagram… Now I have clued in that you are here!!! Funny, I was just at Byron library today! I’m looking forward to discussing Brooklyn next week, maybe you will be there?

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      Hi Everyone! My name is Angela and I’m completely new to MMD as of about a week ago…I’ve been following the daily deal emails for a while and creating a TBR list and so far I’ve loved all the books I’ve read because of Anne’s recommendations (except 1!). Anyhow, like Katie, I signed up because of Book school…and I’m still figuring out my way around here. I have always loved reading, but didn’t make time for it after becoming a parent…I was too busy reading books to my little ones…. Long story short, almost 2 years ago now, I realized that I had lost me a bit, and the things I love in the process of trying to be a great mom…and so I’ve been on a journey to find me again and along the way I’ve rediscovered my love for reading. I think I don’t have the experience it seems lots of people do here, but I’m loving the journey and all my discoveries along the way. Oh…and by the way, I live about an hour outside of Vancouver, BC with my husband and 3 boys. I’m feeling a little shy here, but thought it should be safe to make my first post among fellow Canadians! 🙂

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        Welcome Angela!

        I’m glad to hear that you are making time for a reading life and for finding yourself. How are you enjoying book school so far? I think it’s near to be able to hear Anne talk about an area that is so valuable to many of us.

        I hope you find your way around this site. I plan to view Book Club 101 and Book Club 201 soon just so that I really get a grasp of this platform and its many wonders!

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        Welcome Angela! I too had to figure out how to take back my reading life with little around. But now I love that my oldest is 8 and loves to read and we can talk about books together. I hope you are enjoying Book School! It has been really fun so far!

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        Hi Angela, no need to be shy here, many of us are introverts! I too had put my personal reading on hold for a while as parenting took over…. Now I am back in the swing of things and @mrsdarcy played a big part in that. The MMD book club is great because you can get involved as much as you like depending on how much time you have… I highly recommend trying it out for at least a year… It is well worth it!! The online book discussions are great and there is loads of fun chatter in the forums!! Have fun.

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      Hey! Thanks you guys!! Life got a little busy these last couple weeks but I finally got onto watching replays of book school last night and I love it…at least the part I saw before falling asleep! LOL! Thanks Keri for the recommendation to stay for a bit…it’s good to know from others…and I love that it’s a book club you can jump into when there is time…no pressure!! Katie…I did Book club 101 and it was super helpful. Looking forward to more exploring! ? Have a great day!

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      Our little Canadian chapter is really growing – so glad there are more of us. Maybe one of these days we really will have a meet up?!? I hope so!

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      Hi everyone!
      So nice to see that there’s a group of Canadians here! I’m Dawn, nice to “meet” you all. I just joined the book club, since the next few titles look right up my alley. I’m a lifelong Torontonian, and definitely take advantage of Toronto’s awesome public library system. My favourite book of all time is “Anne of Green Gables”, and hoping to plan a trip to PEI and the maritimes this summer. Look forward to some bookish chats here!

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        Dawn! I hope you do make it to PEI this summer! If you have any questions for me, as an Islander, just give a shout!

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          Thanks so much! very kind of you 🙂 We’re still in the planning stages, but I just might take you up on that. I’ll be there in July, I hear it’s a great time to be in PEI.

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      Nice to have you Dawn! I live in Calgary but grew up in Cambridge and Hamilton for uni. I am re reading Anne this year and about to start book 4. They are so different and to what I remember as a teen, in a great way. Hope you make it to PEI this summer!

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        How fun! I hope you’re enjoying the Anne re-read 🙂

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      Hey Everyone! I’m new to the MMD book club and am thrilled to find a regional group. Travelling is out of the question at the moment, but I’m looking forward to connecting here. I’m in Hamilton. Not too far from many of you. I’ve been to PEI a few times and absolutely loved it! Anne is one of my all-time favourites!

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      Hello, fellow Canadian Book Clubbers! I’m Roxanne, and I live in Stratford, ON. I’m fairly new to the MMD Book Club, but I’m so excited to be here. What a great bookish community! This Book Club has been a great way for me to connect with other Book Lovers the past few months.

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        Hi Roxanne,

        I’m near you – in London, Ontario! Welcome to the book club. I’ve been a member off and on for the last year – maybe more. I recently rejoined for Book School and because I am loving the books Anne picked for Fall. Look forward to chatting more with you in this community!

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          Hi Katie,
          Yes we’re very close! Nice to know another Book Club Member from around here. I’m looking forward to Book School too, and can’t wait for all the fall books!!!

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      Hi everyone! My name is Jacqueline, I live in Toronto. Just wrapped on a very strange year of teaching Grade 3…a bittersweet ending. I look forward to all of this bookish goodness!! I just got my copy of The Last Train to Key West. This will be my first book of the month read. I look forward to the discussion at the end of July. Happy Canada Day (in advance)!🇨🇦🎇

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