How did you find MMD?

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      Hello fellow readers! How did you find MMD and what drew you to this book club?

      I’d been reading Anne’s blog for a couple of years, I think I found it when she did a guest post on another blog I was reading but I cannot quite remember. Then when she started the book club I was intrigued but didn’t think we could afford it at that time. (Husband works in education so we try to reduce expenses in the summers.) But my husband insisted and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s so lovely to talk books with fellow readers and not be the only intense/crazy reader around!

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      I can’t even remember how I found MMD but soooo glad I did! I too had read her blog for ages and then joined the book club when it came out. I dropped off for a bit but then rejoined this month. So happy to be back!!!

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        I know the feeling! It’s so good to be here and welcome back!

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      I actually found the podcast first. I’m a daily commuter and started looking for new podcasts that didn’t involve true crime. So happy I found the podcast and this site!

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      I found the podcast first, too. And then Anne’s bullet journal for book lovers was a natural! Where in the Northeast are you? I live in Delmar, just outside of Albany, NY. Love this book group – but I do get overwhelmed by the website from time to time. 🙂

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        Barbara, I’m over in Batavia which is between Rochester and Buffalo. We are really scattered all across NY!

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      I’m in Smithtown, on Long Island. I found MMD out of desperation. I’ve been home for a month recovering from a hip replacement and I needed to find some bookish pursuits. So far, I am very impressed with the site and with all of my fellow readers.

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