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      Who are the Canadian Bookstagramers I should be following? I see all of these bookstagramers from the States who do giveaways and things that are only open to US residents. Are there any in Canada?

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      Good question – I don’t really know the answer to that one. I bookstagram, @chainreading, but I’m definitely not big time enough to be doing giveaways or anything. I also sometimes feel left out of the cool subscription boxes and things too.

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      Ditto Lilith…..giveaways…what are those? I do follow you both though 🙂

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      Really dumb question, I am hoping one of you can enlighten me, I am totalling aging myself here…. but as an illiterate user of Instagram, I am totally confused about what bookstagram is. What is the purpose of it? Is it a record of books you have read? Or is it just photos of random books? It looks very intriguing, once I figure out how notifications work… ?

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        I think it can be whatever you really want it to be. It is certainly photos of really pretty books. I personally used it to record books I have read. Some do reviews, some do giveaways, some partner with publishers to promote books they get for free. I think the main thing is that it is a place to connect with other book lovers, have conversations about books and just share general book love all around.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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