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      I’ll gladly be the first to post and ask what everyone is reading in these early spring days? I’m in MD and loving this weather so far!

      I’m reading “A Rule Against Murder” by Louise Penny and getting ready to read “The Royal We” in anticipation of the royal wedding!

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      I’m in central NY. I just finished The Broken Girls and just started What I Saw and How I Lied. I have the Royal We on my tbr.

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      Hello from Massachusetts. I want to read “The Royal We” and that is a great idea. Hmm. I am reading Exit West and just finished Little Fires Everywhere which was great.

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      Hello from Connecticut! I just finished Home Fire and am starting The Red Tent for my local book group. Also beginning the Mitford series.

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        I loved The Red Tent. Great book about women’s relationships as well.

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      Hi, I live in the Hudson Valley area of New York. Signs are spring are everywhere!
      I am reading True Grit. This is a fun read and painlessly brings in some southwestern history.

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      Yes, The Rent Tent has been on my TBR list for years! So glad I finally started it. I’m being reminded of
      how strong the women of that time had to be.

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      Hi from Maine! I’m just starting Hello, Universe and have a large library stack, but I’m suddenly feeling very inspired to bump The Royal We up on my list 🙂

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      I’m in south central PA, about 5 minutes from the MD line. It really just started to actually warm up today. We’ve had crazy chilly weather this year. I just started the May BC pick last night and I’m also reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards and Rethinking School by Susan Wise Bauer (my schooling guru – I read everything she writes). I have the newest book by Jane Harper just in from the library that I should read soon because I probably won’t be able to renew it.

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      Hello! I’m in Western NY, about an hour from Niagara Falls, and it’s so nice to see the sunshine more lately! I’ve been reading a bit less now that we are outside more. I just finished a book on gardening and discovered I should have done a couple of things last fall to my garden beds. Oops. Maybe I’ll read a gardening book this fall, too. I’ve only just started attempting gardening last summer. I’m reading Echoes of Sherlock Holmes as I’ve just finished the Lady Emily mystery series by Tasha Alexander (which I adored) and am now reading her other works to console myself. She’s one of the contributing authors in Echoes of Sherlock Holmes. And I’ve finished the fourth book in the Wrinkle in Time quintet. I’m really enjoying those and I realized that the first time I read A Wrinkle in Time, I missed a lot. I hadn’t read further than that and I’m excited to read the fifth book soon.

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      Hello from Boston! I’m reading I’ll Be Your Blue Sky and really enjoying it! I’ve been listening to The Sun Does Shine, WOW, is that an eye opener as well as disturbing! I’ve gotten a lot done so that I can keep listening though!

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      Hello from Maryland. I just finished The Weight of Ink. It is a really long book, but well worth the time. I loved it. I am trying to get my husband to read it now so that I have someone to discuss it with 🙂

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        Hi fellow Marylander! The weight of ink looks so good! I added it to my never ending TBR list!

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