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      One of my favorite independent bookstores in the Southeast is FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, GA. They do a great job of hosting many author events with a focus on Southern writers. I have met both Marybeth Whalen and Ariel Lawhon at FoxTale Book Shoppe! The shop itself is really quaint and set on Main Street, which has plenty of great places to eat and shop.

      My favorite independent bookstore that I have-not-yet-been-to is The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA. I love listening to From the Front Porch podcast so I know I will love the store itself when I finally get to visit.

      Let me know your favorites bookstores in the Southeast so I can add them to my TBV (to be visited) list!

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      First off I love TBV–great acronym!

      I always enjoy going to Sundog Books in Seaside, FL. I don’t know that the selection is all that different. It may just be my frame of mind shopping for books while on vacation, but I always find something I want to read there–and typically not something I knew I wanted to read.

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        I second your comment about Foxtale. I adore that shoppe. I visit often (probably a little too often) & have been to their bookclub a few times too. It is always fun!

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          Susan – maybe we can meet in person sometime at Foxtale – perhaps at one of the author events!

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      I will add Sundog Books to the TBV list then, Will! Thanks for the recommendation!

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        Been going to Sundog for years — my kids love it there, too!

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      I recently discovered Posman Books in Atlanta – they are in Ponce City Market. Apparently there are two Posmans in NYC and now one in Atlanta. If you’re ever swinging through ATL and want a treat, you should stop there — lots of fun places to eat in Ponce City Market, too!

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      Mary – this is excellent news! Do you know how new this is? I was down at Ponce City Market in August when my nieces came for a visit and I didn’t see Posmans. I will definitely make a trip there soon – it’s always a fun outing. I’m up in Alpharetta – where are you?

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        Posman books opened their Ponce City Market location in October 2016. They’re located outside. Around the corner from Goorin Bros Hat Shop, and across from Anthropologie & Frye boots. Posman Books is a family-owned independent mini-chain with two locations in New York City, one in Atlanta, GA and another opening in Atlanta in the Westside Provisions District.

        I recently visited indie bookstore A Cappella Books in Atlanta near Little Five Points to obtain my “book recommended by an indie bookseller” for this year’s reading challenge and walked out with 4 books!!

        I’ve also been meaning to visit Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur, GA. I went to an event last year they hosted at a nearby library and met Joshilyn Jackson when Almost Sisters was released. So awesome to meet her in person. I told her I was an MMD member and she inscribed my book, “See you at the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club.”

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          That’s so fun about Joshilyn! I love her. And I’m glad to hear there are so many good bookstores in the Atlanta area. I’ll be driving through this summer and we have good friends moving there right now so we hope to be spending a lot more time there in the future. 🙂

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          @clasky I’ve been meaning to go to A Cappella, but haven’t yet. Have you gone to Little Shop of Stories? I love the book sellers there. It’s a kids bookstore in Decatur Square, but they have a small, but mighty adult section as well. It’s where I got my “indie book seller rec” for the MMD reading challenge!

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            @jencanread Yes, I have been to Little Shop of Stories! Such a cute fun little store. I bought The Great Alone there because it was going to take too long to get it from the library. I also bought a little book of poetry to fulfill the poetry, play or essay collection category for this year’s reading challenge. The Great Alone was full price ($28.99) at Little Shop of Stories though. Eep! 🙁 Little Shop of Stories does not have any used books, but A Capella Books does. A Capella will also buy used books from you!

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            @jencanread Out of curiosity what book did you get for your indie bookseller rec?

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            @clasky – Oh man. The Great Alone wrecked me. Not a book I intended to read in a day, but well, here we are. Lol.

            And I didn’t know that about A Capella. I’ll have to bring them some of mine! I’m donating a few to some Little Free Libraries around my neighborhood too.

            And Circe was my indie bookseller pick! She said she literally wanted to put the words into her mouth, they were so good. I’m bringing it with me to the beach in a few weeks. Can’t wait to start it!

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            You are so right, Jennifer. The adult book section at Little Shop of Stories is indeed, mighty. Just visited a couple of weeks ago when I was in Decatur for the Book Festival and picked up a couple of books recommended by Annie B. Jones on From the Front Porch podcast.

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            I also recommend Underground Bookstore in Carrollton, GA and its sister Hills and Hamlets in Serenbe. The former for the amazing selection and funky atmosphere. This is who introduced me to MMD, by the way. And the later for the beauty. It is a much more curated and small selection, but go just to see Serenbe.

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      Parnassus in Nashville, TN (Ann Patchett’s indie) is one of my all-time favorites! The only thing that could improve it is the addition of a coffee counter! They have tons of special events, and I loved spending time there on National Indie Bookstore Day recently. I also adore Sundog in Seaside (as I see has already been recommended), and can’t wait to visit again in a few weeks! Square Books in Oxford, MS is a big hit as well! Loving this thread-making notes for myself!

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        I love Sundog! We often vacation in the panhandle and make the trip over to Sundog whenever we do. I love that it is SO PACKED with books!

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          Now that I have officially been able to visit The Bookshelf, my top TBV (to-be-visited) store is Parnassus.

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        I’m a Nashville local and Parnassus is my other home!

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      One of my favorite Indie’s is Malaprops in Asheville NC. Asheville is worth visiting in general, but especially for Malaprops!

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        We go to Asheville next month and this store is on my list.

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        I can’t go to Asheville without dropping in at Malaprop’s, and I end up there a couple of times a year at least!

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      The best used bookstore in my part of the southeast (northeast Tennessee) is Mr. K’s in Johnson City, TN. There is a similar chain of used bookstores in the region called McKay’s. While they aren’t exactly the same chain (different ownership I think), both chains started from the same original used bookstore. They are so close, they are practically interchangeable! The Mr. K’s in Johnson City has two large floors of used books, audiobooks, movies, and music. The best part is their large selection of $3 bargain books (all either hardback or trade paperback).

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      BookPeople in Austin is probably the best known independent bookseller in Texas. it’s a definite TBV!

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      Just an update on my earlier post – I visited The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA a couple of weeks ago and it is such a wonderful store. I love the way the store is set up and it has very high ceilings giving it a light and airy feel. I left with a rather heavy bag of books. As a listener of the From the Front Porch podcast, I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. The Bookshelf did not disappoint! I recommend a visit if you are passing through the south Georgia area. Or, perhaps making it a destination as I did.

      I am now changing my status for this bookstore from TBV, to TBRV (to be re-visited)!

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        @lisagelber As a fellow ‘fan of but never visited’ the Bookshelf, I’m so pleased to hear this. I live about 4 hours away and we’ve been plotting for a year or so to make a weekend trip up. One of these days!

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          You will love it, Kadie.

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            Just the confirmation I need to start planning that long weekend!
            Now… which books to pack for the road…?

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      For folks in the Mobile, AL area, Fairhope’s Page & Palette is lovely. Not only does it have a great selection it has a coffee shop and a bar attached so you can drink and shop. The staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable.

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      Anyone know any independent bookstores in Central Florida?

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      Can anyone recommend any hidden gems in the North Alabama area? I use the term hidden gems because if there are any I have not had success in finding them!! 😉

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      In Jacksonville, FL there’s a used/new bookstore called Chamblin’s Bookmine. It’s worth a trip, but bring water, a fully charged phone, and maybe a snack! I can’t get out of there in less than 2 hours usually.

      I live in Norfolk, VA now, and I love Prince Books downtown. It’s a wonderful store with a great selection and a super knowledgeable staff.

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      Square Books in Oxford, MS is wonderful and beautiful.
      Lemuria is a unique bookstore in Jackson, MS.
      Hopefully, these both will open up for browsing again soon!!!

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