What’s your reading personality?






I’m a big believer in the power of reading, and the power of personality frameworks as a useful tool for self-awareness, and this class combines these two favorite things.

In this hour-long class I present nine distinct reading personalities, explain what each type looks like, explore what they like to read, and why they like to read it, and offer book recommendations and suggestions for each type’s reading life.

This isn’t a rigorous scientific tool. But having spent so long over the past few years wading through more than a dozen personality frameworks, I’ve found the most powerful thing about a good framework is it gives you fresh eyes to see yourself, and to see the people around you. That’s the purpose of this class: to help you see your own reading habits in a different light.

I hope you’ll see yourself in these types, as well as the types of your friends, loved ones, colleagues, and fellow book clubbers. My hope is that understanding why you read—and why others read—you’ll get more out of your reading life.

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