Book Journaling for Book Lovers


Learning how to journal as a book lover is one of the best things I did for my reading life. It helps me keep track of what I’ve read, what I want to read, book notes, all time favorites, book stores to visit… plus it helps me schedule my reading time. In this one-hour class we’ll cover:

  1. Book journaling basics: We’ll look at different kind of journals you can use to get started.
  2. Tools! I’ll share favorite pens, and pencils, and the various extras journalers use to add flair and functionality to their journals.
  3. Customization. I’ll show examples of simple and complex book journal methods, and explore the basic and over-the-top ways people design and decorate their journals for their reading life.
  4. Real readers, real journals. I’ll share oodles of examples of how actual readers are using their book journals to organize, inspire, beautify, and maximize their reading lives. We’ll discuss more than a dozen ways to use your book journal specifically for your reading life.
  5. A practical get-started guide.

Includes downloadable class syllabus and the 50 slides used in the course.

This class is included free with your Book Club membership. Book Club members can find all classes here.