Young Jane Young discussion questions

  1. What consequences do Aviva and the Congressman face due to the fallout of their affair? Is it true that he “ended up fine”?
  2. In what ways has society, and specifically gender bias, changed over the time period covered in the novel?
  3. How are Rachel and Embeth different? Can you articulate why each made the choice she did?
  4. Discuss the varying narrators and their formats — Rachel, Jane, Ruby, Embeth, and Aviva. Are any or all of their choices defendable? Did the rotating narrators “work” for you?
  5. This story unfolds through the eyes of several women of differing ages. Why might you think Zevin chose to lay out her story this way?
  6. Books play an important role in Young Jane Young. For example, The Scarlet Letter was referenced. Is a comparison between Aviva and Hester fair? Is the internet Aviva’s scarlet letter?
  7. What does the title mean to you?

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