Silver Sparrow discussion questions

  1. THE NARRATION. Our story changes narrators, with both daughters telling their stories. How would the story have been different if we heard only Dana’s perspective or only Chaurisse’s perspective? Is there another character whose voice you would like to have heard?
  2. CLASS.  What role does class play in Silver Sparrow?
  3. THE TRUTH.  Chaurisse observes that, “The truth is a strange thing (p. 303).” Gwen tells Dana that they have the advantage because they know the truth. In what way is truth a powerful advantage? Are there ways that knowing the truth harms these women?
  4. MONOGAMY.  Did James have a healthy relationship with either Lavern or Gwen? Did you sense he loved one more than the other?
  5. FATHERHOOD.  Did you see James was both a good and a bad father. Was either version his “true” nature? Do you think he as a father had an impact on his daughters’ future relationships? What might that have looked like? 
  6. CHOICES.  Much of the story is set in Laverne’s beauty parlor, The Pink Fox, including the scene where Gwen confronts Laverne and presents her proof. Do you think Gwen made the right decision? Did Lavern make the right decision regarding James as a result? (Side note: is the name “The Pink Fox” significant?)
  7. HISTORY.  Jones includes real historical details like Martin Luther King, Jr., Al Green, and Atlanta’s Berlin Wall. Did these details impact your experience of the story? Did any details or references have you rushing to google?  
  8. SISTERS.  How did family obligation play a role in the sisters’ relationships with each other? Did you find yourself connecting with or empathizing more with one sister over another?
  9. THEME. What themes did you pick up on in this story?
  10. THE ENDING.  How would this story have been a different tale had it had a happy ending?

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