Tell Me Three Things

By: Julie Buxbaum
Published: 2016

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Book Club Discussion
with Julie Buxbaum
May 29 at 7 p.m. EDT

Anne’s thoughts

I read this ages ago and included it in my list of 17 Unputdownable books I read in 24 hours and I DID recommend it on this episode of What Should I Read Next with Leigh Kramer but she of course hadn’t read it yet. So I’m excited to talk to you (and to author Julie Buxbaum) about it.

A girl-next-door type suddenly finds herself in an elite California prep school, and has to figure out how to navigate this new privileged world while still grieving her mother’s death. When she gets an email from an unidentified boy who calls himself “Somebody Nobody” offering to be her spirit guide to her new school, she doesn’t want to say yes—but she really needs his help. A sweet and fun teen romance, but also a pitch-perfect portrayal of the grieving process. I couldn’t stop myself from cheering for Jessie as she put her life together again.

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Note: Spoilers beyond this point

  • [FORUM] Andrea replied to the topic Ethan in the forum Group logo of Tell Me Three ThingsTell Me Three Things 12 hours, 3 minutes ago

    I felt for Ethan as well, but I was so relieved that he was SN at the end! It was great how they got to know each in different ways, and how it made their meeting so special… Or have deeper meaning, if that makes sense. I am so glad that they found each other to be with and share their losses with- kind of similar to Rachel and her dad.

  • [FORUM] Andrea replied to the topic Families in the forum Group logo of Tell Me Three ThingsTell Me Three Things 12 hours, 10 minutes ago

    I thought it was pretty realistic…although I was shocked that Jesse’s dad didn’t have Rachel meet Jessie and vice versa. That was one thing that I really agonized over when I met my second husband and introducing him to my girls.

  • [FORUM] Andrea replied to the topic High School Stories in the forum Group logo of Tell Me Three ThingsTell Me Three Things 12 hours, 15 minutes ago

    I didn’t enjoy high school, but I was driven to get a college scholarship to play basketball while many of the other girls in my grade were talking about sex, going to parties, and having babies. I knew I couldn’t be part of that crowd in order to chase my dreams. The kids that I want to keep in contact with, I still do. I have never been to a…[Read more]

  • [FORUM] Andrea replied to the topic The Ending in the forum Group logo of Tell Me Three ThingsTell Me Three Things 12 hours, 21 minutes ago

    I loved the ending because I had high hopes for SN being Ethan…. I was just as flustered as Jessie with all the action in the IHOP. It would be great to have a sequel, but I am also glad to have spent within the pages of this story. It was really great and just what I needed!

  • 1. I loved the switching between Jessie as the narrator and the texting/emailing between other characters. I love it when authors do that!
    2. I loved how this was a Rom-com/mystery. It was so much fun to figure out, with Jessie, who SN was in the end. It kept me reading and guessing right along with Jessie…until the glorious ending!! That was…[Read more]

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