Don’t Overthink It discussion questions

  1. At the end of chapter two, “Work the Process,” Anne poses the question, “how would you like to see yourself in the future? I would like to be the kind of person who _____.” What do you value? What kind of person do you want to be?
  2. Where are you experiencing analysis paralysis?
  3. What mini-experiments can you implement in order to move forward?
  4. Does clutter distract you from what’s important? What does this look like for you?
  5. What are your favorite ways to take real breaks?
  6. When have you had to make a decision between two good choices? How did you ultimately decide?
  7. In chapter seven, “Tend Your Garden,” Anne shares mantras she relies on. One is “execution mode, not decision mode.” Do you have any mantras you rely on?
  8. What routines and rituals do you currently rely on? Do you have a new ritual or routine you would like to implement? Can you identify any routines that you could elevate to rituals?
  9. What’s the last spontaneous thing you did? Did you proactively choose this spontaneous moment, or was it thrust upon you? 
  10. Can you recall a memorable splurge? What was it?
  11. What are some examples of simple abundance in your life?
  12. What surprised you most about the book? 

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